Our people


The studio team

We have an up-beat and well-equipped studio team with graphic, interior design, 3D design, visualisation, illustration and digital media skills. It’s an all-hands-on-deck and who-wants-a-coffee approach to doing a great job and meeting all the deadlines our clients can throw at us. We can provide text writing and picture researching services as well as plans and visuals, designs and specifications.



Stuart Jones

Stuart leads the Headland team in 3D and interior design. He engages with projects throughout the design process, from concept development to supervision on site. He works closely with our clients to move ideas from concept to reality. He manages the studio team, the production of drawings and specifications ready for manufacture and pays close attention to off-site production before supervising on-site installation. He brings his wide and varied experience of delivering creative yet practical interpretive design alongside the knowledge and understanding of the client team. He listens to people’s ideas and has plenty of his own. He can guide and temper proposals from experience so as to maintain flexibility and make long-term sustainability the overriding objective.


Ruth McKew

Ruth is a heritage enthusiast who thoroughly enjoys consultation and has practical experience of learning delivery. Formerly a curator and now a consultant, she has a sound knowledge of collection management and museum operation as well as interpretation skills and an understanding of audience development. She specialises in interpretation and activity plans and also leads on project delivery, including text-writing and picture research. She is convinced of the importance of audience consultation as part of project development and has worked extensively in workshop facilitation. Her skills include carrying out both formative and post completion evaluation.


Derek Buick

Derek leads Headland digital design and print work production team. Derek likes to see the written word and images woven into the fabric of interpretation and not applied as an afterthought. He thinks that Headland’s most successful projects are often the ones that have the fewest words. He works closely with clients at that difficult stage when the complexity of collections, archives, stories and images have to come together as a seamless whole to tell a story in a limited space. His team also work on integrating instructions and providing clear signposting in exhibitions spaces and historic sites and interiors.